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Educational goal

Cultivation of professional talents

The promotion goal of this department is in line with the development of Taiwan’s industries, responding to the rapid surge of the technological era, and the increasing demand for electronic and electrical talents and related applied researches, to cultivate general electrical engineering professionals. The school is the only comprehensive national university in the northeastern corner of Taiwan. The university has excellent teaching and research staffs supported by competent administrative personnel and adequate space housing some of the most advance research facilities.

The cultivation of a sound personality

Equal emphasis on science and technology and humanities education to cultivate high-tech talents with social caring attitude, ethically responsible and humanistic qualities.

Upgrading of Industrial technology

Cooperate with the needs of industries located in the northeastern corner of Taiwan to improve the technological quality and production level. Through close industrial cooperation channels and professional research, our students will develop their ability to think and solve practical problems independently, enabling a seamless integration in the industry to meet their R&D and upgrade needs.