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Teaching characteristics


Our teaching focuses on theory, technology and practical experience. Our aim is to train engineers who are well versed in the general disciplines in electrical engineering. The department has three key R & D groupings, namely, system engineering, electronics, and information technology. These three groupings are supported by solid fundamental and advanced courses, which are constantly reviewed in accordance with the industrial needs and progresses.


The courses are based on the domestic and international academic and industrial experience of the department’s faculty staffs.


In response to the needs and promotion of the industries of the northeast, we have established a close industrial cooperation channel with the local industries. We provide teaching and research projects with equal emphasis on the fundamental theories and practical implementation.

Creative thinking

Encourage students to engage in the execution and planning of experimental projects and participate in departmental research projects to establish a good practice in experimental and theoretical researches.


A number of summer camps have been set up to facilitate various short-term training courses in electrical engineering, electronics, and information technology. The is one of our general public service program and at the same time cultivate talents.