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Past Chairman

1st  Chairman of the Electrical Department:Da-Du Liu, Professor (August 1968~July 1975)

2nd  Chairman of the Electrical Department:You-Mi Pan, Professor (August 1975~July 1981)

3rd  Chairman of the Electrical Department:Qing-Rong Wen, Professor (August 1981~July 1984)

4th  Chairman of Electrical Engineering:Fu-Sheng Lu, Ph. D. (August 1984~July 1990)

5th  Chairman of Electrical Engineering:Zheng-Yi Juang, Ph. D. (August 1990~July 1992)

6th  Chairman of Electrical Engineering:Fu-Sheng Lu, Ph. D. (August 1992~July 1992)

7th  Chairman of Electrical Engineering:Chung-Cheng Chang, Ph. D. (August 1992~July 1995)

8th  Chairman of Electrical Engineering:Jiunn-Jye Chang, Ph. D. (August 1995~July 1998)

9th  Chairman of Electrical Engineering:Shun-Hsyung Chang, Ph. D. (August 1998~July 2003)

10th  Chairman of Electrical Engineering:Hsien-Seng Hung, Ph. D. (August 2003~July 2006)

11th  Chairman of Electrical Engineering:Kwong-Kau Tiong, Ph. D. (August 2006~July 2012)

12th  Chairman of Electrical Engineering:Mu-Der Jeng, Ph. D. (August 2012~July 2015)

13th  Chairman of Electrical Engineering:PEI-HUA HUANG, Ph. D. (August 2015~July 2018)

14th and current Chairman of Electrical Engineering:Jung-Hua Wang, Ph. D. (August 2018~)